Treating Infertility Through Colon Hydrotherapy

A Bitter Burden

In the course of our research work for this paper, we came across a very sad letter written some ten years ago to a Jewish mailing list. The anonymous letter writer is drawing on their bitter personal experience of infertility. He or she describes the medical and emotional sides of infertility far more effectively than any of the words found in the writings of detached medical researcher. In the words of this unknown correspondent:

“We’ve seen our community grow, and are proud to be part of a young, vibrant, fertile orthodox community. We, too, are young, vibrant, orthodox. But we are not fertile. For people like us-orthodox couples who have spent years and fortunes trying to fulfill the biblical injunction to “be fruitful and multiply,” the monthly cycle of hope and despair, the barrage of medical procedures and the parade of fertility specialists that all infertile couples go through is bad enough without adding the pressure of going to shul on Shabbat morning to find that virtually every couple is either expecting, wheeling a baby carriage or yelling at their kids. Don’t get us wrong-we are very happy for you. But sometimes your joy is our pain…The focus of your life is on your children. The focus of ours is on getting pregnant. We pray that you continue to have healthy children and that they give you nothing but joy”…

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